Thursday, July 1, 2010

Get a Free HP Slate

As soon as the first news about the HP Slate appeared, it has created a real buzz in the tech world: lots of blogging about it, many YouTube videos popped up and got millions of views. If you are HP products fan, you will surely love the new HP Slate. Although it may seem expensive for some people, it is worthy. Most places have them listed with as little as $400. Yet this price tag makes some of use unhappy.

The good news is that all this excitement around the HP Slate release has created a lot of ways you can actually get a free HP Slate. Yes, that is right. Many companies are giving devices like this away as promotional items. Other shops will give you a free one if you are willing to simply test it out for them. Therefore, all you have to do is be quick about it and you have some odds to get a free HP Slate without spending one single cent.

You are probably asking why would someone give away a $500 tablet for free. The answer is simple and logical: all the big companies need people like us to use their products, give our opinions and test out all their features. They need us to share that information so that they can improve their products in the future.

Keep your eyes open for companies that claim they want you to test a HP Slate out but they actually ask you to pay for it. This makes no sense when you know there are legitimate companies on the market where you can get a free HP Slate to test it out.

However, most good things in life don’t last long. Probably after the buzz around the launch of the HP Slate disappears, you will see less and less free tablet offers out there. So you have no problem with sharing your opinions about the new HP Slate then you should wait no more and go get a free one for testing.

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